Platform Overview

1/LongTooth™ Introduction

A secured, direct, bi-directional and multi-channel communication technology between services based on application layer and by means of service response.

Applications that use LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology can achieve direct interconnection through Internet regardless of the network environment (such as 2G/3G/4G/5G, NAT).

LongTooth™ communicates based on data stream, and the application can realize file transmission and media streaming between local area networks. The user can even directly access a Web server in the local area network by using LongTooth™. LongTooth™ communication achieves global roaming through LongTooth™ ID addressing. The application developer does not need to consider the IP address and domain name issues. LongTooth™ uses a non-blocking asynchronous programming mode to implement a high performance application service system.

Core Advantages:

• Simplify IoT Connections:Devices and APPs can be identified by the LongTooth™ ID, which realizes quick connections of "Things to Things" and "Things to People”.

• Save Development Time and Cost:Developers needs only develop APPs and device applications while they do not need build a connection platform and configure any dedicated server neither, thereby saving at least 50% of development time and equipment cost.

• Reduce Technology Development Risks:LongTooth™ communication protocol avoids the security risk caused by the exposure of IP address, reduces the complexity and risk of technology development, and greatly speeds up the time to market for IoT devices.


2/LongTooth™ Use Process

1.Register as a LongTooth™ Developer

Before using LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology, you need to register as a LongTooth™ developer and obtain a LongTooth™ Developer ID, so that it is more convenient to contact and communicate with us during application development .Click to register

2.Apply for authorization

Apply for a LongTooth™ application authorization, and obtain a LongTooth™ ID and an application verification key. Please click apply after login

3.Download development kit

Download the corresponding development kit according to the application development requirements.Download development kit


When developing an application, reference the corresponding LongTooth™ library file.View library file


When developing an application, call LongTooth™ API.View API


3/LongTooth™ Development Resource



4/LongTooth™ Technical Support

Technology Group
LongTooth™'s Dynamic

Customer Service Phone


Shanghai Office Address

Room 409, No. 181, Sichuan Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Beijing Office Address

Room 607, Block A, Tsinghua Science Park, Haidian District, Beijing


5/WXBit——Develop your first modular Android APP

APP Inventor provides a visual programming tool for a large number of Android software developers, which is a fully online developed Android programming environment operated by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Center for Mobile Learning, and abandons complex programming code and uses a building-block stacking method to complete Android programming (visual programming). WXBit is a localized Chinese version, and has been deeply integrated with LongTooth™ and many application plug-ins can be directly called in the platform. Search Resources Haven’t found what I’m looking for

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