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N22 was founded in 1997 and is the subsidiary of A3 Systems Ltd, Hong Kong. N22 has long been focused on developing network technology. As early as 2000, the Company was the leader in deep packet inspection and broadband technology with flexible consumption model in network communication.

By 2006, through continuous investment in R&D, N22 developed its proprietary Cloud Service Exchange (CSX) technology which connectsprivate clouds together, enabling them to interoperate and exchange services directly with each other. N22 is the Cisco Partner and CSX is the core exchange technology in many of Cisco’s solutions.

After further development and enhancement, CSX was officially renamed as LongTooth™ in 2014, which is re-defined as:  N22 patented application layer tunneling technology with no fixed public IP address or dedicated application server, provides Secure, Low Cost & Fast Deployable communications between things. And there is no data stored in any network nodes, leading to data ownership protection and a secure IOT communication.

Nowadays, LongTooth™ has been deployed in the fields of IoT, IIoT, Smart City and Borderless Communication. LongTooth™ technology has been applied in :

Internet of Things (IOT),including smart home, industrial IOT and WiFi modules, enabling remote, secured and direct communications between all things;

Service Delivery Platform (SDP),used in Smart City, On-board Diagnostics and Remote Control, Smart Price Tag in Retail and Smart Vending Machine, providing interconnection and interoperability between Users, Devices, Services and even Clouds;

Borderless APPs,such as Secure IM, allowing APPs on mobile devices to interconnect and interoperate directly with each other, thus protecting privacy and ensuring fast and direct communications.

The management team of N22 includes former executives of HP, Compaq, DEC and other companies of Fortune 500, technology experts with more than 20 years of software development experience, managers of the world's top investment and financing institutions.Most of them have witnessed the four IT eras from the birth of computers ie Mainframe, , PC & LAN, Internet, and mobile Internet, while in the next era of IoE (Internet of Everything), they will be the pioneers working hand in hand with us to create the future!

All members of N22 will contribute to the borderless delivery of services now and for a long time to come. We have our own intellectual property of borderless communication technology ie LongTooth™ which will definitely be adopted in this era!

LongTooth™-A Safe and Efficient Way to Connect to IoT

LongTooth™ is the patented technology developed by N22, which is a secured, direct, bi-directional and multi-channel communication technology between services based on application layer and by means of service response. The three characteristics of the direct connection of applications, zero setting and lightweight enable developers to establish a bidirectional communication channel with any device just with several lines of code without initial infrastructure investment, which greatly reduces the development difficulty and cost of IoT applications.

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