LongTooth™——Distributed IoT communication technology

The fifth generation LongTooth™ supports system running environments including Android, iOS, Linux, etc.; the running memory takes up <15K, and it occupies very little resources and can be run on the low-end device/chip; through the way of LTID + service name, it breaks the barrier brought by system and network, so that the service can be ubiquitous, and the user does not have to care about the system characteristics and network characteristics of service at all.

LongTooth™ Communication Module

LongTooth™ communication module which is the mainstream Wi-Fi module embedded with LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology canrealizes end-to-end remote security interconnection and interoperability between Wi-Fi devices. Together with product-grade Demo APP (customizable) and circuit design diagram, LongTooth™ provides one-stop integrated design solutions for manufactuer.

  • ESP 8266

  • ESP32

  • W600

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  • More

Customize Your Own Brand APP

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Service Delivery Platform

SDP is Service Delivery Platform and is a virtual private cloud platform, which deliver services end-to-end. SDP can be provided to high-value customers as they don’t like to have their data being stored at the places they cannot control and they don’t want their data being analysed by third party who does not get their authorization.Any original service on SDP is delivered directly to the user regardless of where the user is and regardless of where the original service is running, thus achieving bordeless end-to-end service delivery.

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