Smart Product Total Solution

LongTooth™ provides a total solution including a product-grade APP, a communication module, a product design circuit diagram, etc., and the manufacturer can realize the upgrade or design and development of smart product with low cost and high self-controllability, and only needs to focus on the hardware and software development at both ends of product, and then LongTooth™ assists you in achieving borderless delivery of any featured service.

SDP Helps Enterprises Efficiently Apply Industrial Internet of Things

SDP is Service Delivery Platform and is a virtual private cloud platform, which deliver services end-to-end. SDP can be provided to high-value customers as they don’t like to have their data being stored at the places they cannot control and they don’t want their data being analysed by third party who does not get their authorization. Any original service on SDP is delivered directly to the user regardless of where the user is and regardless of where the original service is running, thus achieving bordeless end-to-end service delivery. Therefore SDP provides a more flexible way of deployment for a special application scenario where has extremely high requirements for data security and data analysis in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Flattening of Smart City Services

LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology provides a relatively equality and flat solution with resources being fully utilized for smart city construction. LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology assumes the role of city service exchange and delivery; various third party services such as cloud computing and face recognition can be flexibly accessed anytime and anywhere; the public, private, hybrid and other types of cloud service units can interact without any difference; regulators can appear for inspection in any process anytime, anywhere, and leave immediately after inspection without any impact on the business process. It has a great advantage at resolving key issues such as huge initial input cost, implementation difficulty, and long deployment cycle.

Borderless APPs
With the support of LongTooth™ distributed IoT communication technology, various borderless applications such as private cloud-OminiBox, Trustless IM Tools -TuYYo, Dice Chat have emerged, and direct communication has been realized between different applications.
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