LongTooth Smart Lighting Solution

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With the development of the IoT market, smart lighting has become a new growth point in smart home systems. Both traditional lighting companies and emerging IoT companies are accelerating the development of smart lighting products. LongTooth Smart Lighting Solution provides a complete solution including APP, SDP(service delivery platform) and Wi-Fi module to help you create your own smart lighting products in a short time.

LongTooth Wi-Fi Module
LongTooth Wi-Fi module, with built-in LongTooth distributed IoT communication technology enable secured remote end-to-end interconnectivity and interoperability for things with the Wi-Fi module.

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LongTooth Distributed IoT Communication Technology
LongTooth is a patented communication technology developed by N22. It is based on the application layer and provides a two-way multi-channel Internet security direct communication between the service and the service through the service response.
  • Security:User data is not proactively collected and retained, and all data is stored in any secure location designated by the user or by the product developer.
  • Efficiency:Existing exchange nodes including in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe can realize rapid new deployment in any location around the world with 2 hours.
  • Fast Speed:Provide complete solutions for specific industries, no need to deploy servers, half day to develop APP as well as hardware demos.
Smart Socket Solution Kit
1、APP program: product level APP program
2、LongTooth Wi-Fi Module (based on ESP8266, W600)
3、Integrate voice control technologies such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home Kit
4、Reference circuit design diagram for smart lighting

Intelligent Function List
  • Timing/Delay
  • Device sharing
  • Scene modes
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Color temperature adjustment
  • Color adjustment
  • Streamer mode
  • Music mode
  • Voice control (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit)
Program advantage
  • Simple Adaptation:LongTooth provides communication tunnels, and users can customize services.
  • Data Security:LongTooth do not actively collect and store user data, which is safe and controllable.
  • No Restrictions:User data developers customize the collection and storage, and  LongTooth does not impose any restrictions.
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