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Smart lighting, smart sockets, and smart switches are three “unobtrusive” areas of expertise, which will soon be triggered by the participation of traditional home appliance companies such as the Bulls,Schneider,Legrand.The traditional home appliance industry will also usher in a comprehensive IoT transformation.
Here, LongTooth provides you with a complete set of smart socket solutions including APP, SDP(service delivery platform), Wi-Fi module, etc.,to help you quickly develop low-cost smart socket products.

LongTooth Wi-Fi Module
LongTooth Wi-Fi module, with built-in LongTooth distributed IoT communication technology enable secured remote end-to-end interconnectivity and interoperability for things with the Wi-Fi module.

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LongTooth Distributed IoT Communication Technology
LongTooth is a patented communication technology developed by N22. It is based on the application layer and provides a two-way multi-channel Internet security direct communication between the service and the service through the service response.
  • Security:User data is not proactively collected and retained, and all data is stored in any secure location designated by the user or by the product developer.
  • Efficiency:Existing exchange nodes including in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe can realize rapid new deployment in any location around the world with 2 hours.
  • Fast Speed:Provide complete solutions for specific industries, no need to deploy servers, half day to develop APP as well as hardware demos.
Smart Socket Solution Kit
1、APP program: product level APP program
2、LongTooth Wi-Fi Module (based on ESP8266, W600)
3、Integrate voice control technologies such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home Kit
4、Reference circuit design diagram for smart lighting

  Intelligent Function List
  • Timing/Delay
  • Device sharing
  • Scene mode
  • Electricity use statistics
  • Overload protection
  • Voice control (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit)
Program advantage
  • Simple Adaptation:LongTooth provides communication tunnels, and users can customize services.
  • Data Security:LongTooth do not actively collect and store user data, which is safe and controllable.
  • No Restrictions:User data developers customize the collection and storage, and  LongTooth does not impose any restrictions.
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